ProjectPlannerAI Roadmap Page

  • Reoccurring Finance Items

    We are excited to announce the upcoming addition of the Recurring Finance Items feature to our platform. This enhancement will allow users to specify whether a finance item is a one-time transaction or a recurring one, making it easier to manage regular financial commitments. Users will be able to set the recurrence interval (daily, weekly, monthly) and define an end date for the recurrence, ensuring their financial records are always accurate and up-to-date with minimal manual input.

    With this new feature, you can streamline your financial tracking and planning, simplifying the management of regular expenses and revenues. Our intuitive and user-friendly interface will help you stay organized and effortlessly keep track of your recurring financial commitments. Stay tuned for this exciting update to make your financial management even more efficient.

  • User Onboarding Experience

    Building an application isn't that easy, but making an intuitive and easy to learn application is very difficult. Project Planner AI has a lot of userful features, but a lot of our users have complained that the application can feel overwhelming when you first create an account.

    To help mitigate this issue, we plan to focus on building out a better onboarding experience, including multi-step wizards to help new users understand the features we provide and guide them into opting into only the features that make sense for them when they first start their project